Monday, 18 February 2013

Here is a taster of some of the Terminators from my up and coming Black Templar force! 

So here it is! Five easy steps to keep the other half happy on Valentine’s Day, whilst enjoying your hobby at the very same time!
·         Step 1- Casually ask you partner what their favorite character from Lord of the Rings is? For some strange reason she chose ‘Gimli’, dwarf fetish if you ask me! 5 weeks in advance to avoid suspicion!!!!
·         Step 2-Order said miniature in whatever pose inspires you to paint, or convert them to death!!!!!!
·         Step 3- Build a suitable diorama, Gimili is on a standard GW base with would filler used to build up the terrain, the trees a pre-fabricated.   The water feature is simply acrylic with a clear varnish finish.
·         Step 4- Order a wooden base from the internet, stick miniature down.

·         Step 5- Bask in romantic glory. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Golden Boars BB

Ok well then........ here are a taste of the ‘Golden Boars’ Blood Bowl team. Star players have also been picked up today, in the fantasy Blood Bowl transfer window. New recruits are going to be in the form of ‘The Mighty Zug’ and crowd pleaser ‘Griff Oberwald’. I am relying on this lot to win me plenty of pints of Beer playing in March.  

Saturday, 9 February 2013

New stuff

Still to come

·         The 1st Battalion Helbrechts chosen.

·         A fun and easy way to keep the Mrs happy for Valentine’s Day.

·         Blood brawl (Golden Boars) Human team.

·         Yarricks Steel Legion.


In the beginning there was only War………… Well actually that’s not strictly true. There was in fact a young creative chap who loved to paint miniatures and play a variety of War games. Life unfortunately got in the way….. Until now