Monday, 11 August 2014

Sherlock Holmes

Andy Yates

As we all know, Oldhammer 2014 was a great event so big thanks to everyone at the foundry for being amazing hosts (mmmm hotdog)! Also a huge thank you to Andy Yates for drawing me a Troll Slayer.... I'm getting it framed and it's going on my living room wall at home! 

Sherlock on a London pavement!

One for the Mrs! She is the worlds biggest Sherlock fan. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Kind words from Kev Adams

Entered the Oldhammer painting comp! Was told my Chaos Nurgle minis were.... Proper Chaosy! I'm humbled! 

Oldhammer day 2 real time combat report

Evil movement phase complete
Wyfan dies at the hand of a tree man 
Charge of the Golins 
Combat of the Blood Thirster and Emental results in a nail biting finish! Khorne victorious!
 Evil horde movement 
Giant ready for cart riding! 
Khorne riders reinforce the goblin wolf riders!
Giant falls at the hand of a tree (twig) man!
The second giant falls at the hand (branch) of the tree man! 
The horde draws closer!
Cart riding Giant makes an entrance! 
Young Dragon tamed by nasty Ork! 
Chaos Break the line! 
Hydra goes berserk!  
Skaven and Fimir enter the tunnels and emerge in the heart of the castle! 
Into heavy combat! 
Hydra at the front door? 
Forces of good hold of the evil horde through flanking actions! 

Great game with fun had by all! 

Reall time report 


Friday, 8 August 2014

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Oldhammer weekend and Nurgle Dread

3days and counting to the Oldhammer weekend! Best dust of the Chaos Knights! No and her is my Nurgle Dreadnought called ROT!