Sunday, 27 September 2015

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dwarf Miners

Big thanks to Paul Ede for sending these Mono-pose but lovely mini's free of charge.  Basic but a great pleasure to paint, I've used some of the new Citadel rust effect paint on the Axes and a snow flock for the bases.

Giant Frog

Had a great opening game with this Mini BOYL 15, Kermit with War Paint.


Another BTD Mini. Love the pose and the detail, however after painting it I couldn't stop thinking about My Little Pony.....Ruined ;-(

Free Nymph

Everybody loves a FREE Nymph


Foundry Centaurs, as seen at BOYL 15.  In classic Foundry style I ended up walking a way with these and some free Elf Nymphs (Check out the post).


BTD Treemen, a pain to construct but a rewarding paint nonetheless.