Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Final undead for Dwarf Kings Hold! Whilst Mantic is seemingly unpopular in terms of Mini's I was really impressed with the detail on this lot! Not expected as they are plastic! 

Monday, 27 October 2014


Only a couple more to paint then my crusade finishes! 

Friday, 24 October 2014


Well Orks are Epic after all!

Having acquired a huge amount of EPIC at Oldhammer this year I just wanted to share a quick post on SPEED PAINTING! Because lets face it in life there are other things to do than paint tiny tiny tiny little "gunz" and "fingz" like "eatin "squigs" and "stuf".

So first of all find a nice working tray! A tea tray is best as it prevents paint getting everywhere!  I used a plastic box lid!

Next you need to blue-tac your miniatures onto the tray in units and ranks (easier to paint this way)!

Righto time for undercoating! White (watered down) acrylic! You want the consistency light but viscous enough to stick to the model without obscuring detail on the models.

Set the hair dyer to COOL (otherwise your models will melt) and blow until dry!

At this point you need to apply a good quality black wash in order to pull out the shaded areas on the models.

Use a soft but big brush!

Again use the hair dryer to blow dry the models! However, ensure this is done lightly so not blow around the shading on the miniatures.

Once this is complete, with a slightly smaller brush, DRY brush the miniatures with "bright" white in order to highlight the areas that stand out on the model. 

Once this is complete you need to WET PALETTE paint the models (in units) to whatever color you want! Note that bright colors look great on EPIC models! Ensure that the paint is watered down enough to allow the shading and highlighting to show through!  

For a good read on WET PALETTE painting try this post!

(http://teasgettingcold.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Painting), Steve is very good at this kind of thing!

Once each unit has had its first coat of paint and given the cool hair dryer treatment, you can add another light black wash to give the models good contrast! Again use the hair dryer to gently dry them.

After this stage ensure the models are dry before adding any large areas of detail (see the Gargant Heads on my Army). 

Repeat until all units have been painted in the same way! 

At this stage you should have painted the majority of your Army in around 2.5 hours! Obviously if you have a job then time is dictated to you :-(.

Once the first stages of painting are complete the models need to be removed from the tray and the detail painted onto each miniature (as well as basing). However, because of the fast initial process you should have saved yourself a number of hours laboriously painting individual mini's.   

The finished product! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wood Elves for the New Year!

Having had such an awesome time at Oldhammer this year and watching the forces of good "Wood Elves" and "Treemen" I have decided to engage with the forces of good for Oldhammer this year. Its true my normal leanings towards the Dark Gods is on hold.

Having checked out the "White Nights" blog for inspiration!

I have just invested in some lovely mini's from Ralpartha.

The aim for this Army is lots and lots of weird and wonderful miniatures from lots of different companies.

I shall keep you all posted with Pictures of course!
1 x 02-001 Irregular Elf troops /swords (4) 

1 x 02-001a Irregular Elf swordsman #1 
1 x 02-001b Irregular Elf swordsman #2 
1 x 02-001c Irregular Elf Sworsman #3 
1 x 02-001d Irregular Elf Swordsman #4 
2 x 02-002 Irregular Elf troops w/polearms (4) 
2 x 02-003 Irregular Elf Spearmen (4) 
1 x 02-004 Irregular Elf Bowmen (5) 
1 x 02-005 Irregular Elf female troops w/bows (4) 
1 x 02-011 Irregular Elf Sergeants (5) 
1 x 17028 Djinn of Air 
1 x 01-032 Savage Sisters II - Female Mercenaries 
1 x 01-044 Demon Tree 
1 x 01-046 Mushroom Men (4) 
1 x 99-030 Armalion Bases (20) 
1 x 17037 Djinn of Stone 

02-001c Irregular Elf Sworsman #3 - Click Image to Close

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dwarf Kings Hold

Spare £20?

Dwarf Kings Hold is money well spent! 

I've had two games with the long haired general recently and she loves it! It's not really a dungeon crawler but a semi war game style board game! It's also very simple and good fun to play. 

Here are some Dwarfs I've painted up! Undead to follow shortly! 

Friday, 19 September 2014


Just painted a lovely little free mini from Kurtis at (http://www.ramshacklegames.co.uk)

Really easy painting :-) 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Sherlock Holmes

Andy Yates

As we all know, Oldhammer 2014 was a great event so big thanks to everyone at the foundry for being amazing hosts (mmmm hotdog)! Also a huge thank you to Andy Yates for drawing me a Troll Slayer.... I'm getting it framed and it's going on my living room wall at home! 

Sherlock on a London pavement!

One for the Mrs! She is the worlds biggest Sherlock fan. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Kind words from Kev Adams

Entered the Oldhammer painting comp! Was told my Chaos Nurgle minis were.... Proper Chaosy! I'm humbled! 

Oldhammer day 2 real time combat report

Evil movement phase complete
Wyfan dies at the hand of a tree man 
Charge of the Golins 
Combat of the Blood Thirster and Emental results in a nail biting finish! Khorne victorious!
 Evil horde movement 
Giant ready for cart riding! 
Khorne riders reinforce the goblin wolf riders!
Giant falls at the hand of a tree (twig) man!
The second giant falls at the hand (branch) of the tree man! 
The horde draws closer!
Cart riding Giant makes an entrance! 
Young Dragon tamed by nasty Ork! 
Chaos Break the line! 
Hydra goes berserk!  
Skaven and Fimir enter the tunnels and emerge in the heart of the castle! 
Into heavy combat! 
Hydra at the front door? 
Forces of good hold of the evil horde through flanking actions! 

Great game with fun had by all! 

Reall time report