Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wood Elves for the New Year!

Having had such an awesome time at Oldhammer this year and watching the forces of good "Wood Elves" and "Treemen" I have decided to engage with the forces of good for Oldhammer this year. Its true my normal leanings towards the Dark Gods is on hold.

Having checked out the "White Nights" blog for inspiration!

I have just invested in some lovely mini's from Ralpartha.

The aim for this Army is lots and lots of weird and wonderful miniatures from lots of different companies.

I shall keep you all posted with Pictures of course!
1 x 02-001 Irregular Elf troops /swords (4) 

1 x 02-001a Irregular Elf swordsman #1 
1 x 02-001b Irregular Elf swordsman #2 
1 x 02-001c Irregular Elf Sworsman #3 
1 x 02-001d Irregular Elf Swordsman #4 
2 x 02-002 Irregular Elf troops w/polearms (4) 
2 x 02-003 Irregular Elf Spearmen (4) 
1 x 02-004 Irregular Elf Bowmen (5) 
1 x 02-005 Irregular Elf female troops w/bows (4) 
1 x 02-011 Irregular Elf Sergeants (5) 
1 x 17028 Djinn of Air 
1 x 01-032 Savage Sisters II - Female Mercenaries 
1 x 01-044 Demon Tree 
1 x 01-046 Mushroom Men (4) 
1 x 99-030 Armalion Bases (20) 
1 x 17037 Djinn of Stone 

02-001c Irregular Elf Sworsman #3 - Click Image to Close