Friday, 24 October 2014


Well Orks are Epic after all!

Having acquired a huge amount of EPIC at Oldhammer this year I just wanted to share a quick post on SPEED PAINTING! Because lets face it in life there are other things to do than paint tiny tiny tiny little "gunz" and "fingz" like "eatin "squigs" and "stuf".

So first of all find a nice working tray! A tea tray is best as it prevents paint getting everywhere!  I used a plastic box lid!

Next you need to blue-tac your miniatures onto the tray in units and ranks (easier to paint this way)!

Righto time for undercoating! White (watered down) acrylic! You want the consistency light but viscous enough to stick to the model without obscuring detail on the models.

Set the hair dyer to COOL (otherwise your models will melt) and blow until dry!

At this point you need to apply a good quality black wash in order to pull out the shaded areas on the models.

Use a soft but big brush!

Again use the hair dryer to blow dry the models! However, ensure this is done lightly so not blow around the shading on the miniatures.

Once this is complete, with a slightly smaller brush, DRY brush the miniatures with "bright" white in order to highlight the areas that stand out on the model. 

Once this is complete you need to WET PALETTE paint the models (in units) to whatever color you want! Note that bright colors look great on EPIC models! Ensure that the paint is watered down enough to allow the shading and highlighting to show through!  

For a good read on WET PALETTE painting try this post!

(, Steve is very good at this kind of thing!

Once each unit has had its first coat of paint and given the cool hair dryer treatment, you can add another light black wash to give the models good contrast! Again use the hair dryer to gently dry them.

After this stage ensure the models are dry before adding any large areas of detail (see the Gargant Heads on my Army). 

Repeat until all units have been painted in the same way! 

At this stage you should have painted the majority of your Army in around 2.5 hours! Obviously if you have a job then time is dictated to you :-(.

Once the first stages of painting are complete the models need to be removed from the tray and the detail painted onto each miniature (as well as basing). However, because of the fast initial process you should have saved yourself a number of hours laboriously painting individual mini's.   

The finished product! 

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