Monday, 18 February 2013

So here it is! Five easy steps to keep the other half happy on Valentine’s Day, whilst enjoying your hobby at the very same time!
·         Step 1- Casually ask you partner what their favorite character from Lord of the Rings is? For some strange reason she chose ‘Gimli’, dwarf fetish if you ask me! 5 weeks in advance to avoid suspicion!!!!
·         Step 2-Order said miniature in whatever pose inspires you to paint, or convert them to death!!!!!!
·         Step 3- Build a suitable diorama, Gimili is on a standard GW base with would filler used to build up the terrain, the trees a pre-fabricated.   The water feature is simply acrylic with a clear varnish finish.
·         Step 4- Order a wooden base from the internet, stick miniature down.

·         Step 5- Bask in romantic glory. 

1 comment:

  1. Nothing says I love you like an axe in the head!

    Mighty fine work - Glad you didn't go with a this! though!

    Here's one or two of my efforts I've done as pressies, although admittedly not Valentines day ones -

    Wife's Christmas pressie

    Dad's Birthday pressie and 60th pressie