Saturday, 4 May 2013

Up date and CoS War Boss

So busy few weeks in the real world of work, the Blood Bowl season kicked off to a fantastic start! See ‘Some where the Tea is getting cold’ for a match report. The next job on my list is to bring you some photos of my imperial guard battalion and finally my Black Templars Army, although it is very much a work in progress!                                                                                                                                                               For my sins the painting does not stop there, my next project is an Evil Suns Cult of Speed Army, I’ve left you a little taster of what to expect with my War Boss. Whilst also north of the border I spent many an hour stripping paint from my old Warhammer Chaos Warriors Army, this has proved to be a BIG job, wait out for painting to commence.    


  1. Very nice indeed mate!

    Looking forward to seeing your Chaos stuff though.

    Best sort out the pics to go with your cracking post game match report...

  2. God soldiering is busy I will endeavour to progress!