Sunday, 16 February 2014

Breaking the Mould

So I have finally decided to look else where (not in the world of GW) for miniture inspiration! Whilst I owe GW a lot in terms of my hobby I have become a little bored of the new minitures and the extortionate price tag! 

I'm probably not as hard line as many who consider GW the Evil Empire but I do at this point consider them a totalitarian state. 

Anyway enough of the internal politics of the world of minitures. I litterally love 40k EPIC when it was around as well as 6mm Napoleanic war Armies but never collected any. I have recently looked at a number of 6mm Independant companies such as Dark Realm and Bunker! I also found Exodus Wars, the UK suppliers of Onslught Miniatures. I decided to invest in some (All, oops) of the Okami Technocracy Combine 6mm figures! 

Three days in the post and here they are on the production line! Really impressed with the level of detail and the speed paint very well with washes! Will keep the blog posted with how the Army is going! 

Point to note they don't come with basing and this is not mentioned on the website, so if thou were going to invest in Onslught Mintitures ensure that you budget accordingly.