Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cool rules



Original background by Tuomas Pirinen, new rules by Anthony Reynolds.

We know many Chaos players out there will have the older special characters in their armies, so Anthony has updated the rules for all of them for the lastest edition of Warhammer.


Destroyer of Khorne

Of all the warrior heroes of Khorne the Blood God, there are few so devoted to their thirsting master as Arbaal. Thousands have felt his axe blade at their necks and now their white skulls lie at the feet of Khorne. At the city of Praag in the northlands, Arbaal led one hundred Daemons in the assault on its boundaries. It was Arbaal who finally breached the gates of the city and ended the siege. Legends claim that Arbaal slew a thousand warriors that day.

Arbaal is the favourite of his master and his most devoted servant. Khorne has gifted him with the power of the Destroyer in recognition of his devotion, a reward that

belongs to Khorne’s most favoured Champion alone. Only one warrior may bear the gift of the Destroyer of Khorne. Should his Champion

be defeated Khorne’s wrathful eye will turn Arbaal to foul Chaos Spawn, for only the victorious are worthy enough to serve Khorne. 

ARBAAL THE UNDEFEATED, Destroyer of Khorne

Magical Resistance: The Hound benefits from the protection of its magic-hating god, embodied by the heavy collar around its neck. It has Magic Resistance (2) as described on p.114 of the Warhammer rulebook. This also benefits Arbaal himself.

MAGIC ITEMS Destroyer of Khorne

The Destroyer of Khorne is the gift Khorne, the god of war, gives to his most favoured of Champions. It turns Arbaal into a tireless warrior; a hurricane of fury and destruction upon the battlefield.

Whilst armed with the Destroyer of Khorne, Arbaal will make 2D3+1 (+1 additional attack due to his frenzy, so 2D3 +2) attacks during the hand-to-hand combat phase instead of his normal 5. Roll at the start of each close combat phase to see how many attacks Arbaal can make against his opponents. In addition, Arbaal will never lose his Frenzy, even if he is defeated in combat.


Hound 750553428


4 8 3 5 5 3 8 5* 9 *(2D3+1)

Arbaal can be taken as a Lord choice, but will take up a Hero slot as well. He must be fielded exactly as presented here and no extra equipment or magic items can be bought for him.

Points: 425 (315 for Arbaal, 110 for the Hound of Khorne).

Weapons: Arbaal is armed with the Destroyer of Khorne.

Armour: He wears Chaos Armour.
Mount: Arbaal rides the Hound of Khorne.

Mark of Khorne: Arbaal bears the Mark of Khorne as described on p.47 of Hordes of


Challenge: Arbaal must always issue a challenge if possible. If a challenge is issued to Arbaal or a unit he is with then he must meet it if at all possible.

Gaze of the Gods: See Hordes of Chaos, p.52

The Hound of Khorne: The Hound of Khorne is the Blood God’s own Flesh Hound, a Daemon of huge proportions combining the attributes of a Flesh Hound with massive size and power. Only Khorne’s chosen Champion is rewarded with the Hound of Khorne, which the Champion rides in the fashion of a monstrous beast.

The Hound of Khorne has the following special rules:

Daemonic Mount: The Hound follows all the rules for daemons as detailed on p.29 of Hordes of Chaos, as well as those for Daemonic Mounts on page 31 of Hordes of Chaos.

Frenzy: The Hound is an insatiable hunter, and is subject to the rules for Frenzy, even if otherwise immune to psychology.