Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Horde

Second turn Genesteeler scum

Third turn! Ricards crusade fights back! Stand fast and resolute, dozens of heretics fall under a hail of bolted fire!
 However the hive ship drops in yet more zenos scum! 
Fourth turn the horde gains momentum 
The Templars fall back from tank shock but fight against the heretics, ripping them to pieces with power fists 
Turn five! Counter attack! The cultists flee!
Cultists gunned down! Terminators struggle with Rhino

 Turn six! The horde makes contact 

The terminators flee! The rhino shocks the comd sqd! 

Turn 7 
Terminators rally 
Last stand
All hope seems lost 
Planetary bombardment imminent! 
  Tank flipping
Marshal Ricard slain in battle 
All hope is lost! Planetary Bombardment begins! Cleanse the world with virus bombs! 


  1. Looks like it all posted up ok - I particularly liked the bit about all hope being lost...

  2. There is no victory against the Hive Mind!