Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lead Pile depletion...... but only for a short period

Well it has been a busy year, with the overall aim of stripping and re painting all the miniatures I collected as a youngster nearly complete! The last year of war gaming and socialising has allowed me to reflect on how fantastic war gaming actually is. It's rare to enjoy a hobby that allows creation in abundance and the chance to put yourself against friends in battle.

It has also been a very successful year painting with the majority of my work documented on my blog. Consequently it has meant that my cabinet is nearly full with only a few miniatures outstanding form my collections. Still to come are some Black Templar Neophytes as well as an old 2nd addition Land speeder to bolster the ranks of the Imperium.

Whilst I found out that the Evil Empire is actually really evil, I am intrigued and committed to completing my final project from my old collection. My Nurgle battle force should be finished within the next few months but will rely upon some goodies from Forge World as well as more Green Stuff! That said I have also committed to extending my Ork force both is 28mm and EPIC so watch this blog, Blood Axe commandos will be present.

As for the Nurgle Space Marines I've decided to follow the story line and paint scheme of the Apostles of Contagion. With Necrosius as my putrid Nurgle Sorcerer and Lord. I've enclosed some fantastic art work of my future force to wet the appetite and a back ground story. It will be the first time I have attempted to follow a color scheme so bare with me!