Thursday, 1 May 2014

Teilen Sie die Liebe, aber ein Kondom

What's my your favourite Warhammer (or other) rules set and why?

Tough question this one, I started gaming around the 2nd edition Warhammer and 40k rules so they were my first enjoyable experiences as a gamer. Having now played earlier editions in cluding rogue trader I'm not so sure. However it was the smaller games that I had a big interest in. My top 5 rules would be Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Battle Fleet Gothic, Mordheim and EPIC. The cherry for me, having had a really good "MOB" was the seriously underrated but "PROPA GUD SMASHIN" GorkaMorka.

What provisions have you made for your lead pile in your will (if any)?

SHIT I've not! I would suspect that I probably wont but I would hope that my miniatures find themselves in the hands of gamers who are happy to "Dettol" to their hearts content and re paint them a third time! Probably Harry Beals!

What's your greatest wargaming bargin/trade/acquistion?

Tricky, for 100 TEEF I've managed to acquire a heck of an Ork EPIC force recently, they should be ready for the August Oldhammer games day!

What's your best war story - on or off the gaming table?

Recently I had a straight 5 win running streak over a weekends gaming!

In other interesting news, I once witnessed someone fuck up a weapons handling drill and fire a round from a rifle through a colleagues legs into a Helmet! 6 Pints of blood lost instantly, leg nearly amputated and CASEVAC! However shes fine now!!!! Kept the leg!
LARPING- is it right?

Clearly yes.......


Or Clearly FUCKING NO............

What attracted you to the hobby in the first place?

The Girls!!!! Hmmmm ok No, I actually loved painting and being creative, I enjoy the quiet and reflection time painting Mini's gives me..... I think I'm on the Spectrum.

What keeps you in the hobby now?

Friends and Painting!

If money/time/skill was no object, what setting/story/movie/ etc would you most like to game?

Firstly I really like this question!

I would love to complete the 300 movies with Spartans fighting the Persians. I would also consider completing a game scenario from the Avatar movie, I think the miniatures would be exquisite. My Warhammer 40k brain would say completing the battles on Isstvan V would be a hell of an achievement  of

Is everything better with Dinosaurs? 


In gaming yes its good fun......

In the bedroom not so much ........

What was your worst gaming/painting/modelling disaster?

I once dropped a wet Metal (Unpinned) Bloodthirster on the new carpet when I was young...... I was nearly murdered my the Mother! Grim very grim!!!!

What is best in life?

Family, friends, not giving a fuck about money, gaming, being fit and healthy and trying new things whenever they arise! Philosophical but accurate! And getting some


  1. Well, you've opened my eyes afresh to Larping!

    I particularly like the strange Slaaneshi beastman outfit ; )

    There's some great Dinosaur hunting games like Jurassic Safari - always fancied giving it a go some time...