Thursday, 27 March 2014

GW = The Evil Empire

So as anyone might have gathered from the title of my blog, I have recently returned to the creative hobby of war gaming! 

I have many memories as a young lad painting, chatting and gaming with friends at the Games Workshop in York. In the midst of all this fun I used to ask to have a rumidge in the 'Gubinz' box in order to make various conversions! 

Now silly old nostalgic me thought that as I'm currently converting a number of Nurgle Space Marines that GW might actually still have a 'Gubinz' box? Additionally I thought this quite plausible being that GW hail themselves as a hobby club and not just a shop.

I politely asked whether I could have a look at said 'Gubinz' box and the reply was a firm NO it's against company policy! 

Right so let me digest this for a moment!

* GW have a poor mail order parts service compared to when I last collected miniatures!

*  They claim to be a Hobby Club! 

*  It is now against company policy to aid someone's imagination, despite me offering to pay for and parts I found within the 'Gubinz' box! 

Well I would like this moment to say......

Fuck you Games Workshop! You money grabbing cynical organisation! No wonder you sales are down and that your suffering in the ressesion! 

Gob smacked! 

I will endeavor never to buy another product 'brand new' from you again! Moreover I shall purchase other (up and coming) companies miniatures over the web! 

Hobbies are about fun, not about cynical big business!