Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Horde from the Portal

So the collection of skulls begins! A silly wizard has decided to mess around with a warp portal! In turn a Chaos Warband is drawn to the area in search of Demonhood and Khorne's blessing in battle! The sleepy village of Acomb is quiet with only a few Vikings having a pint in the local tavern! 
The sound of battle drums approaches the villagers rally, Dwarfs, Elfs and men alike!
Arbaal the undefeated looks on at the village as the easy collection of skull for Khorne himself!
Mean while on the outskirts of the village the Silly Wizard named 'Steve' has had tooo much warp dust and is playing chicken with warp spawn!  
Combat ensues in the village with Chaos steed meeting the galant Calvary of men! Early glory is gained by the villagers through the cowardly use of Bow and Arrow! 
All out combat, Arbaal scythes through his enemy with effortless might and no mercy! The reality in the real Acomb however is that Abaal would be pulled from his hound and 'Filled' in! 
In the back ground the village hippy wizard shits himself and runs away! 
Still running 
Khorne's pet dog eat's many villagers, resulting in a catastrophic case of 'Gut Rot'! Letting out a godless fart the villagers instantly puke and run away! Giving Arbaal the advantage!  
The lingering dog fart follows the pike men to the hills! 
Khornes own warriors fail their god and run as their numbers decrease! The steed fast regiment remaining faces the Tree Man of doom! An ex tavern man of the pub they call 'The Ainsty' 
Kids don't snort Warp Dust! Boom Bloodthirster summoned! 
First unit of Elfs are no match for the greater Demon of Khorne! Run you pointy eared little pricks!  
Arbaal meets his match with some pissed up Dwarfs! I once caught a dancing dwarf in a Soho night club, seriously I'm not joking I nearly got arrested! 

Chaos continue to fight hard! However the galant cavalry takes more life! 
The ex tavern man is nails and continues to beat down the warriors of Khorne! 
The thirsty thirster approaches! 
More sneaky Elfs 
Village combat rages! 
Death from above the Blood Thirster lands smack bang in the middle! 
The Vikings are so drunk and stunned by the monster that they fail a leadership test in terror and flee! 
As they flee they are felled from behind! X10 attacks from a Blood Thirster with the Axe of Khorne! There is a reason for 800points :-) 
Viking sandwich anyone??? 
Shit 'gloated' to soon! 
Run away 
Typical Acombers 29 against 2! 
Reinforcements in the form of the old Elven guard! 
Warp Dino! Run away! 
Summoned the Blood Letters of Khorne 
Old one arm makes quick work of the village Mage! 
And the Tree Man! 
Arbaal receives his first wound in a back ally punch up with some Dwarfs.... Just like Soho! 
Steve the wizard never learned! Chaos Spawn summoned! 
The Blood Letter enact revenge on the cavalry of men! 
Steve sandwich anyone??? 
Run Elven scum! In the horizon a strange Ginger warp monkey! 
Push back! 
Food again but with a valent display of fortitude by the Elfs! 
The Elvan champion fights on! 
The spawn goes mental in a woods somewhere on the outskirts of the village! 
Dwarfs are tough cookies 
Finally the Elfs break and run! 
The final Elfs of the old guard are encircled by their demonic foe! 
The village is lost to Chaos! Bring on the battle at the Farm in two weeks!